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I'm a person in long-term recovery. During my darkest times I struggled with addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and designer drugs. I also found myself in very toxic and sometimes abusive relationships that left me more and more wounded after each one. All of these coupled with a plethora of mental and emotional illness diagnoses ranging from bipolar depression and ADHD.

Fast-forward after over a decade later I healed the trauma underneath the addictions and co-dependency. I've been med-free for seven years. I now live a life more in alignment with love, peace, bliss, and joy. I'm also married to a man who has his own healing path and is also committed becoming the highest version of himself. Our children are healthy and happy all because their role models are happy and healthy. 

Getting to this place was work and a process. It took years of self-introspection through different types of meditations and healing work. Once I was able to master parts of myself that long plagued me I decided to teach others how to heal themselves through energy medicine, recovery reiki classes, and holistic recovery coaching. 

Through my one-on-one coaching and group programs I able to guide anyone willing through many different paths to healing addictions, codependency, and the trauma underneath it all. Below is a list of topics I'm versed in:

-Addiction: How to Heal It Holistically

-Spirituality: What is God?

-Reiki: How It Works

-Recovery: Multiple Pathways

-Shadow Work: The Path to Enlightenment

-Manifestation: How to REALLY Get What You Want

-Co-dependency: What is real love?

-Narcissism: How to break free

I hope we can work together so we can get to the root of what's holding you back from being the highest version of yourself. 



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