The Benefits of Energy Healing

How Energy Medicine Can Help You

For the last 3.5 years I have been working with individual clients to bring about a change in their health whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. 

The results we have seen are anywhere from a signifigant decrease in anxiety and depression, recovery from bipolar disorder and substance use disorder, cysts removal, sciatica relief, and blood disorder relief. 

Below are some testimonials of my work. 

"The Friday before I saw you, I had blood work done, and my TSH levels 125, which puts me in the danger zone of slipping into a myxoedema coma... I saw you on Monday and when I had my blood drawn on Friday my TSH levels we're down to 25... The lowest they had been since I had a bout of thyroid cancer and had my entire thyroid gland removed... I have seen oncologist, endocrinologist, geneticists, and every other type of doctor known to man trying to figure out why my TSH levels would not get down below 100, the normal TSH levels are between 3 and 5... my doctor was absolutely shocked at how low my TSH levels had dropped...

I have been battling my blood issues for the entire three-year. Following thyroid cancer, and it has never been this low. 

~Scott Finch, Salesman for Heavy Machinery


My session was perhaps the calmest and most relaxed I have felt in perhaps years. It was an hour that I found myself completely relaxed in the moment. Listening to the soft music in the background , I concentrated on my own breathing .  I used my time with Tara to quietly list off in my mind all I was grateful for. What a gift for the peace I felt on that table. The pressure and pain I was experiencing in my left occipital nerve area was significantly reduced and the relief has been wonderful !!!

If you have not experienced energy medicine do yourself a favor and open your mind to the possibilities, don’t think, just DO!! 

~Marcia Bracken, Former Physical Therapist turned Aromatherapist


I just finished 6 reiki sessions with Tara. I reached out to Tara because I was going through a tough time, she explained to me was a "dark night of the soul". It was very trying and confusing as I was releasing all sorts of accumulated pain and emotional baggage I didn't realize I had been carrying, to the point of feeling I was on the edge of a mental break. Through our work together, I was able to get through that, process and release a lot and gain a clarity and feeling of centeredness and much greater awareness of self. Through Tara's work and guidance I was able to turn what was at first a very chaotic experience into a lot of healing and growth. The combination of reiki and auricular acupuncture was especially beneficial to regaining a feeling of centeredness and bliss. I would highly recommend Tara for guidance, reiki and auricular acupuncture to anyone who feels they could benefit, whether under similar circumstances, to proactively delve into more inner work, or to relieve stress. 

~ Carl Rogers, Environmental Engineer


I sought out energy medicine as an aid in my substance abuse recovery and more importantly as a way to feel better in general. For most of my life I suffered from bi-polar disorder, depression and severe anxiety. Life was a daily struggle, for this reason I visited Tara Moreno, and participated in four weekly sessions of energy medicine. I was very hesitant about it, but at that point, I would have tried anything just to lessen the burden of addiction and mental illness. Right away, from the very first session, I had less anxiety, I felt more relaxed and later that night, and I had slept better than I had in a very long time. By the third session with Ms. Moreno I felt a tremendous difference in my outlook, my temperament and overall health and wellbeing. After our final session of energy medicine, I was able to get off of all psychotropic medications prescribed to me for my mental health issues, and I continue to be medication free. The energy medicine has improved my life more than I thought possible, and I would even be as bold to state that my Bi-polar disorder, depression and anxiety has been completely resolved by my participation in the energy medicine sessions, which is something that I thought was impossible. 

~Sarah Shaw, Recovery Coach & Reiki Master

My experience in reiki sessions with Tara were terrific. They helped a lot in working with my emotions and physical pains. I’ve always had physical pain in my lower back and my upper back (neck and shoulders). My lower back has been relieved so much. And my tension I had in my neck and shoulders has been much less than it was. My emotions have gotten better in the sense that these sessions I did with Tara helped to bring up so much more self-awareness. Which has helped me to stay more grounded than I was before. I am very pleased with my sessions with Tara. She is a genuine and loving spirit. Who truly puts her heart and efforts into her work because of this working with her makes this that more enjoyable. Sam Stevens, Longterm recovery

I recently finished for reiki sessions with Tara.   I reached out to her for treatments and guidance because I was going through many life changes.   I am on a spiritual path and want to progress further and I wanted to raise my vibration and open my chakras.   At the beginning of the four weeks I was going through an emotional time in my life and through the course of the 4 week/4 sessions I received clarity and felt more at ease.  Tara made me very comfortable and relaxed.  I especially liked the auricular acupuncture.   She answered all of my questions, she is so full of spiritual knowledge.  I would highly recommend reiki by Tara.   I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing sessions they were a big stress reliever.  As for me I have experienced a lot of bliss afterwards.   Namaste 

~Natalie Gagnon, Ultrasound Tech and Reiki I practitioner

I did not know Tara personally prior to taking the first reiki course with her. We instantly connected however, excited to discuss the power of reiki’s healing energy and it was clear from the beginning that she had immense amounts of knowledge and passion for spiritual matters. Since August, Tara has attuned me at all three levels. As a spiritual healer and energy worker, Tara’s energy always vibrates at a high level as her positivity and light radiate. Her courses are paced appropriately, giving her students time to get comfortable with each level of attunement. After each class, I felt confident and prepared to use reiki energy in my own life.    

~Rachael Hodges Fenton Schools Librarian & Reiki Master


I began my healing journey feeling alone, and shortly after Spirit guided me to the The Serenity House. I have attended the Friday Holistic Healing Hour and meditation workshop on a regular basis since then. The Serenity House has offered a huge amount of healing support! Tara, the founder and director, is an amazing human being, and a skilled healer. She has helped me identify some of my deepest traumas, and has also provided powerful assistance with my healing. Since I began coming, I have learned coping skills that have helped propel me into a healthier lifestyle. The range of holistic healing services I have been exposed to at The Serenity House has provided me with an arsenal of self care tactics! The meditation workshop has taught me a lot of practical information about meditation, which has helped me expanded my own meditation practice. The people who are involved with this organization are so loving and accepting; it gives the whole experience such beautiful energy! I always look forward to coming to the Serenity House ever week!

~Morgan Gross


"I have followed Tara Moreno for a year or more and I finally decided to try it… I always wanted to try Reiki but my whole life I put everyone else before me. One of my goals for 2019 was to start loving myself—self love as it is called. 

Here is my journey. I fell in love, not with myself but with the father of my children. Our relationship was toxic and full of domestic violence, hate, love, suicidal attempts, but I loved this man. We were together for 20 years but his addiction kept us from getting married and moving forward. I wanted so much to help him and the day I was going to take him to his reiki session I got super sick and to cancel his appointment. More and more as I thought about Reiki and the benefits I decided to try it first before taking the love of my life. Things always happen got a reason and I reached out to Tara and made the commitment to see her for four sessions. 

I didn’t realize I was addicted to this man. When I think of addiction I think of drugs, alcohol, etc. 

As the sessions were complete I realized I was a new me. Meditation became easier and easier. I also realized that relapse was real. Relapse happened, I was doing so good, setting boundaries, being short in conversation with him.. . Then his best friend died of an overdose, my sister had spinal surgery, my jobs were getting harder and harder to manage… My self-love was pushed aside…

What’s next? My plan is to attend community Reiki sessions on Fridays to be among individuals with the same or similar situations." 

Maria Salinas, Spanish to English Interpreter and University of Michigan-Flint Program Manager

"I’m not quite sure where to start when speaking about Tara. She is incredibly intuitive, patient, accepting, and wise. She has been an extraordinary guiding light for me through the darkest times I have ever experienced. Through participating in energy medicine with her and continuing to listen to her guidance, I have been able to walk through fear with a sense of trust and peace that I never thought possible. She has taught me to see things through a whole new lense and I am beyond excited to continue working with her. "

~Meghan Bade, Pharmaceutical Rep and Crossfit

Energy Medicine creates balance in the body and promotes a sense of well-being.

Energy Medicine creates balance in the body and promotes a sense of well-being.