Energy Work for Addiction & Codependent Trauma

We heal through feeling.

  Reiki is the ancient practice of the laying on of hands developed in the early 1800’s by Mikao Usui. Usui’s quest for the truth about the ancient methods of healing revealed to him the secrets of healing. 

Recovery Reiki was developed by Tara Moreno in 2015 after she experienced Reiki while on her own quest to find was at the root of her own maladies. Moreno suffered from severe addictions to drugs, alcohol, and pharmaceutical medications. 

Moreno began her research and found that at the root of her addictions were codependency and childhood trauma. She began to understand the complexities of addiction and how it specifically impacts the energetic system or the chi of the body. 

After delving into the literature of Eckhart Tolle, Moreno began to understand the nature of pain, and how pain collect into a pain-body. This pain-body is what is responsible for addiction and codependent attributes. People with addiction suffer from abnormally large pain-bodies.

In developing Recovery Reiki Moreno began to understand how this specific energy work could shrink the pain-body and provide a space for people to begin to do the serious work on their addictions, traumas, and codependent nature. 

Since the development of the program Moreno has been educating thousands of people on these concepts as well as training people in the modality so that they can get to the root of their issues and finally heal from their afflictions.

Recovery Reiki’s foundation is the practice of self-healing. The subsequent levels deal with going deeper into the practice by healing others, how thoughts and emotions create our reality, and how to teach these concepts to other people. 


Recovery Reiki gets to the root cause of addiction, codependency and the trauma. 

Recovery Reiki can provide a multitude of benefits that include: 

· Better treatment outcomes

· Overall Well-Being

· Balance 

· Awareness of what needs to be healing

· Non-medication options for recovery 

· Connection to inner world & others 

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What if Addiction & Codependency stemmed from an energetic malady, too? How do we begin to heal the parts of the human body that we normally cannot measure or see, yet? Recovery Reiki is a modality that targets the pain-body associated with the Addiction & Codependent trauma. It’s an energy medicine that can change the way a person responds to traditional treatment and other prevention methods. 

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